Achoo! Bless You – Wild Eyes

Achoo Bless You Wild EyesI’ve seen many creative band names, but pop-folksters Achoo! Bless You has officially become one of my favorites.

Singer/songwriter’s Ashleigh Steel and Ross James Tipper have created a unique style of raw folk-pop with a whimsical touch. Supported by acoustic guitars and ukuleles, the pair effortlessly weaves their vocals together as intricate rhythms, soaring violins and bodacious harmonies lift the duo from down under to new heights.

Listen to their new single and fall in love with the spirited indie/alt. country appeal of this adorable Australian pair. Be sure to check out the video for “Wild Eyes” as well. Enjoy!

[As seen on Stereofox]


2 responses to “Achoo! Bless You – Wild Eyes

  1. What a creative name for a band! I checked out two of their songs – ‘No way of knowing’ and ‘Before we say goodbye’. It’s a bit different from the mainstream Pop, but it’s really good! 😀
    Good to know that REAL music still exists! 🙂

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