New Mongrels – Love It Madly

New Mongrels Love It MadlyFounded in 1861, the Smythe County Mongrels Society would gather to drink cider, discuss “moral code,” and most importantly, create music, using “instruments, voices, dogs, drinks and everything else they could muster to their meeting sessions.”

148 years later, under the leadership of Haynes Brookes, the New Mongrels still carries out his great-grandfather’s tradition of creating joy through music. Bringing together a musical ensemble from all over the country, the collective is now comprised of members of theIndigo Girls, Big Fish Ensemble and Dudley Manlove Quartet, as well as independent musicians, film composers, actors, and even Grammy nominated artists.

On January 14th, the group released their first album since the late 90’s. Earthy and heartfelt with graceful harmonies and flawlessly soft production, Raised Incorruptible mixes feelings of a simpler time with the allure of today’s indie folk/rock scene. With one part Paul Simon, one part Dawes, two parts The Lumineers, topped with a pinch of Blind Pilot, the New Mongrels have created a retro-folk vibe that spans the test of time. Listen on Stereofox.

[As seen on Stereofox]


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