The Family Crest – The World

The Family Crest - Beneath The BrineMy daily music scouting follows a similar regimen: Listen to songs sent by friends and fellow music junkies, then listen to songs reposted on soundcloud. When something sparks interest I head over to Spotify to see if that one song leads to a killer album discovery or ends up being my own personal version of a “one hit wonder.”

Well today, I’m happy to say my new-favorite-band-alert is echoing throughout the walls of my apartment. It only took seconds of Soundcloud listening for me to realize this orchestral rock collective is special. I immediately transitioned over to Spotify to let The Family Crest‘s music really go to work and drown out the rest of the morning. Song after song continued to impress. Honestly, do these Californians make a bad song??

Lead by founding member Liam McCormick, The Family Crest is made up of six core members plus 250 “extended family” members. The Bay area collective will release their kickstarter-funded sophomore album, Beneath the Brine, on February 25th. Illustrating their ability to combine indie pop, rock and folk with classical elements and sweeping soundscapes, “The World” is the first wave of what is sure to be another epically arranged and deeply moving album. Listen on Stereofox.

[As seen on Stereofox]


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