The following excerpt is from my first article for The Indie Chicks! Check out the full article and playlist and be sure to order your copy of the first PRINT addition coming out this holiday season! Over 70 power-packed articles from yours truly and the indie chicks themselves!Bon Iver Fans, Rejoice!

Bon Iver, the mere name makes hearts swoon. The indie-folk outfit first emerged in 2007 with the independently released debut For Emma, Forever Ago. But it wasn’t until they took home the 2012 Grammy’s for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album for Bon Iver, Bon Iver that the band officially appeared on the star-studded music map. There was a universal question of “Who?” as Bon Iver mastermind and front-man Justin Vernon graciously accepted the awards.

Bonnie Bear was the common joke across the music blog-o-sphere as inquiring minds stirred over who this “new artist” was. All at once, Bon Iver became known as the man with the sweetly poetic falsetto that escaped into the woods to write deep, heart-wrenching ballads (see ‘Skinny Love’).

Less than a year later, Vernon announced the band was taking an indefinite hiatus. Immediately, the sound of shrieking car brakes and shattering glass hearts echoed from open-mouthed, expressionless stares. But dry those tears you Bon Iver loving badasses, because several other indie artists have since surfaced to fill that gaping hole in our musical hearts.

Click here to listen to the Bon Iver-esque playlist.

[As seen on The Indie Chicks]


3 responses to “BON IVER FANS, REJOICE!

  1. Ahh, I love Bon Iver! I have to thank you for introducing me to The Indie Chicks. I just signed up for the IC Blogger Group and I can’t wait 🙂

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