Radical Face – Holy Branches

Ben Cooper has an endearing quality about him. With pure, honest, and elegant songwriting and instrumentation, he exposes feelings that connect us both to his music and to each other, creating a sense of warmth and feeling of home.

Radical Face The Branches

In 2011, Ben Cooper aka Radical Face introduced a concept trilogy following a fictional 19th Century family. The self-released EP The Roots debuted on October 4, 2011 as the first segment in The Family Tree series.

On October 22nd, the story continues with the release of the second installment, The Branches, via Nettwerk Records. Using instruments that would have been available during the 1860-1910 era, melodies and instrumentation will reappear from the first album to represent “family members” and a continuation of the tale’s descendants.

Listen to the expressive, vocal melodies of “Holy Branches,” the second track off the upcoming album on Stereofox.

[As seen on Stereofox]


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