Quiet Hounds: Interview

Quiet Hounds is no ordinary indie-rock band. They have a unique approach to music, from their historical influences to their massive live performances. There is a level of care, creativity, and craftsmanship that goes into each element of Quiet Hounds.

Quiet Hounds Interview

Most conveniently classified as indie-rock, their expansive layering and diversification is hard to be confined to a singular genre. Complex melodies, creative chord structures, and gorgeous harmonies are supported by clapping, chanting, catchy lyrics and pristine production.

But what I find most intriguing is their emphasis on the music. Hidden behind a (literal) media mask, Quiet Hounds focuses on the celebration of art and music, and not on the glitz and glamour that can often surround it. They even offer all of their music for FREE to be shared by all who adore and appreciate it.

I had the opportunity to chat with one of the band members “Smith Hound,” whose name has been changed for anonymity.  He offered some insight into the band’s history and music style, as well as a preview to their upcoming, highly anticipated performance in their hometown of Atlanta on October 4th.

Marisa: How did the band meet and originally come together?

“Smith Hound”: We all knew each other from various other bands. It really came to a point when we felt like those projects had plateaued. You could say Quiet Hounds was a relationship born [out] of frustration and admiration.

M: Is there a unique story behind the band name? How did you come up with ‘Quiet Hounds’?

SH: It’s like naming your first born, isn’t it? You don’t want to fuck that up. You don’t want the child to get teased later. The name Quiet Hounds came from the same conversations that led us to hide our identities. A name should help a stagnant mind learn to wander about the subconscious once again.

M: You have a very unique approach, keeping your anonymity both virally and publicly wearing masks. What inspired you to keep the mystery and intrigue about yourselves and how does it affect you musically?

SH: We just wanted people to listen to music that we were creating and like it without any bias or pressure. The anonymity might be freeing for some. I’m not sure it affects us musically. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we have always played/wrote what was in our hearts. Play what moves you. Never mind what anyone else thinks.

M: Who have been some of your biggest inspirations and how have they personally influenced your music?

SH: Ours, Delta Spirit, Dawes, Led Zep, Floyd, Ryan Adams, Pearl Jam, Antlers, Sigur Ros. I think the fact that we listen to just about every genre of music in some capacity is really freeing and absolutely an asset in the creative process.

M: If you could collaborate with any musician or producer (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

SH: Craig Potter (Producer/Musician). Listen to Elbow and get back to me.

M: Do you have a favorite song to either listen to or perform live? Are they one in the same?

SH: That’d be a tie for me: “Hemlock” and a new song titled “Cove Noise”. That one rips my heart strings.

M: What was your most memorable performance and what made it special?

SH: First show. But that’s a whole separate interview.

M: You’re known for not only for amazing performances, but epic, theatrical events. Can you explain your unique approach to live music and how it originally started?

SH: We had been to a couple of Cirque shows and some other really creative events – the pairing of theatre, art, food and music just makes perfect sense to us. Honestly I am surprised everyone doesn’t do it. Is it more work? Absolutely. But, above all, I think it’s time bands answer to their ticket prices and stop acting like it’s some ticket conglomerates fault. We know where every last dollar goes in one of our events.

M: You have a highly anticipated performance coming up on October 4th at the Atlanta History Center, can you give some insight into what we can expect at this event?

SH: Chef Adam Evans is making some amazing dishes. Batdorf and Bronson will be serving their coffee greatness. Curated Drinks. Food Trucks. History. Amazing atmosphere. Hope- and, of course, plenty of music. A full 360° experience.

Quiet Hounds Interview

Lightning Round:

M: Better combo: Peanut butter and jelly or mac and cheese? 

SH: Peanut Butter and Jelly. Cheese is gross.

M: Summer or winter?

SH: Winter. Less people around. Everyone wins.

M: Board shorts or speedos?

SH: Nude Beach

M: Dive bar or fancy club/lounge?

SH: Can I just invite friends to my house?

M: If you were a superhero, what would your super power be: flight or invisibility?

SH: Flight. It is better to see the problem than hide from it.

M: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me. Can you let our readers know what’s up next for Quiet Hounds?

SH: Hopefully we see some new faces in some new cities soon.

Take a listen to a few tracks off Quiet Hounds albums Southern Charm and Megaphona on Stereofox. And if you’re in the Atlanta area on October 4th, check out the unique live experience, “Swans and Embers” a concert in three movements, at the Atlanta History Center. It is sure to be one you won’t soon forget! Both VIP and General Admission are available here, and will include a full evening of music, food, drinks, art, history, and fun!

**Photo credit: S. Dorio


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