Giselle – Silk (Ianborg Remix)

I’ve never been one to hide my hatred for dubstep. The wubby wubs just get under my skin. But, there is such a thing as melodic dubstep, when the subtle wubs add an extra layer of sweetness. Case and point, Saeglopur Enigma Remix by Sigur Ros.

Giselle Silk Ianborg Remix

Another perfect example is Ianborg’sremix of “Silk” by Giselle Rosselli. The Australian songstress first emerged as the stunning voice behind Flight Facilities “Crave You” back in 2010, but proved she could hold her own with this ambient beauty. Remixes immediately popped up all over the music grid, but none have captured the stellar dreaminess as Ianborg does, creating a sultry, out of this world ambience with Giselle’s purely sweet vocals over soothing synths.

Head to Stereofox to listen to Ianborg’s remix of “Silk” and download a copy for FREE!

[As seen on Stereofox]


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