Quiet Company at North Star Bar

One of my favorite bands, Quiet Company, played in Philadelphia last Saturday. Head to Jump Philly’s website where you can read my full review and listen to one of their songs!

Quiet Company

Hailing form the great state of Texas, indie-rock band Quiet Company have become Philadelphia regulars. What is undoubtedly one of their favorite cities to visit, the Austinites have played here four times in the past 11 months, lighting up Milkboy’s stage twice, rocking out at The Fire last spring and performing at both Musikfest (in Bethlehem) and the North Star Bar last Saturday.

Lead by vocalist and guitarist, Taylor Muse, the five-piece played a short but high energy, attention-demanding set. In between songs, an out of breath Taylor still managed to engage the crowd, telling stories and confessing to “spearheading the whole beard movement,” in which the band abandoned their traditional bearded look.

Quiet Company’s bursts of energy and intricate orchestration are a live experience not to be missed. They are a band of big sounds and infectious, danceable fun. After the show, the band grabbed a few beers and chatted with fans, in which guitarist Tommy Blank assured me, “We’ll be back soon.” Trust me Philly, this is a band you don’t want to miss!

[As seen on JUMP]


5 responses to “Quiet Company at North Star Bar

  1. One of my “dream vacations” would be to have an all-expense-paid trip to Austin for a week of nothing but music. Perhaps you could have a sponsored contest! 🙂

  2. Age kinda locks ya in for music appreciation. Beatles, Stones, Led Zep, Doors and at other end of spectrum James Taylor, Melanie, Carol King, Judy Collins and Joni Mitchell.

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