Daily Indie Dose: Sheare – Somebody Else

Experience the artistic fusion of music, animation and immaculate production with Sheare’s video for “Somebody Else.” Head to Examiner to read the article in full and watch the video!

Sheare Somebody Else Music Video

NYC based indie pop/rock outfit Sheare, released their debut EP Sombody Else last April. Full of catchy indie pop melodies, the three song EP was executively produced and mixed by multi-grammy producer Mark “Spike” Stent, whose scope spans artists from Arcade Fire to Madonna.

The title track is symbolically portrayed through Sheare’s animated video which takes the viewer on a journey through an imaginative world created by an unraveled cassette tape. As the tape desperately tries to rewind itself, a perplexed robot with classic 3D Viewmaster head, makes his way through the tangled web. He finally reaches the cassette, opens his chest and rewinds all the chaos that has been unraveled as the lyrics recite “You’re the only one, who’s standing in your way…”

[As seen on Examiner]


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