The Love Letters playlist is coming to an end. Next week we will finish it up with V through Z (should be a piece of cake). But this week,enjoy the musical stylings of Cat Power, David Gray, the legendary Righteous Brothers and more. From soft piano notes to lightly sweeping synths to jubilant banjo, this Monday’s five additions encompass a little bit of everything.

Leave your love song suggestions for V through Z below. We could certainly use some help! Looking forward to your suggestions and hope everyone enjoys the music.

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4 responses to “MUSIC MONDAY – LOVE LETTERS #5

  1. I’m an atheist, yet for the last few days I’ve been Hearing Bette Midler’s ‘From A Distance’ playing in my head like a merry-go-round, making me all gooey. Maybe my brain is trying to mask the Celine Dione song underneath. So please, indulge me. Have a great Weekend. Cheers.

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