Top 5 Ben’s of Indie Music

Check out my list for the top current “Ben’s” of Indie Music on Stereofox where you can read the full review and listen to all five awesome tracks!

Ben FoldsBen Folds – Still Fighting It

Naturally Ben Folds is atop this list. The quirky piano genius creates charismatic tunes with a natural style and flair all his own. The list of songs goes on and on, but “Still Fighting It” is always first on mine.

Ben Howard – The Fear

 Ben HowardThe immensely talented Ben Howard can cut right through you with his eloquent vulnerability and empowering revelations. I’m a sucker for a well-timed and executed musical build that makes me lose my breath and “The Fear”embodies both perfectly.

Ben KwellerBen Kweller – In Other Words

Dramatic keys paired with Kweller’s poignant lyrics make for a brilliant combination. I love the intro, but the changing tempos and piano breakdown that follow are what push this track to the top of my “Ben’s who rock the piano” list.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures (GZUS Remix)Leftwich

Benjamin Francis Leftwich is a man you want to sing you to sleep every night. His lullabies are honest with an overwhelming sense of purity.  While I do love the original version of “Pictures,” Welsh producer GZUS, gives the song an extra relaxed beat that doesn’t detract from its original soothing sincerity.

Ben GibbardBenjamin Gibbard (ft. Aimee Man) – Bigger Than Love

Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service are two of my favorite bands, so it comes as no surprise that Ben Gibbard makes this list. I will say that I don’t love his solo music thus far, or maybe I’ve just been spoiled by epic tunes like “Soul Meets Body” and “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.” But “Bigger Than Love” is a track among his solo work that immediately stands out. The lovers quarrel duet perfectly intertwines vocals between Ben and Aimee Man.

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12 responses to “Top 5 Ben’s of Indie Music

  1. I remember discovering Ben Kweller in 8th grade. He along with The Strokes, my first tube of mascara, and some converse sneakers helped to usher in my indie rock phase. Good times haha

  2. I am a big fan of Aimee Mann so I will check out the Bigger than Love track. I must admit that I’ve never gotten into Death Cab for Cutie…can we still be friends? Lol. I’ve also never heard of BFL so I’m very excited to check out his music. You write such good descriptions!

  3. Oh, Ben Folds is a favorite of mine. He came to my university, so I got to see him play live for free. It was an amazing show. I will have to check out the other Ben’s! I love a good lyricist so I’m excited to hear Ben Kweller. I am also a fan of DCFC and TPS but I haven’t heard Benjamin Gibbard’s solo work, admittedly. I’ll have to listen to “Bigger Than Love”! Thanks so much for describing these pieces so well.

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