Pixelhose Writing Contest

I am ecstatic that my short fiction piece, Neverland, is a finalist in the Pixelhose writing contest. I’ve never won, nor been a finalist, in anything writing related, so this is exceptionally exciting for me. Below is an excerpt from the piece accompanied by my photography (also featured). The judges ultimately make the decision, but weight is also placed on the traffic to the webpage via the comments so I would LOVE for everyone to check it out and please comment/offer feedback. Thanks so much! You can read the full story here!

Neverland Pixelhorse Photography

That’s when she saw it. A tall, curvy bottle at the end of the dim stream slowly came into focus, as her eyes, and pounding head, adjusted. She inquisitively crawled to it, popped open the top, and turned it over.

The tiny, sand-like crystals slipped through her fingertips, reflecting shimmers of color off her face. Wide-eyed, mouth agape, she watched the pixie dust dance through the air and swirl around her. The colorful gems radiated a bright light as they circled, forcing her eyes shut.

When the glow dimmed, she opened them to unimaginable enchantment.


18 responses to “Pixelhose Writing Contest

  1. I finaled and ultimately won in that contest, too. The stories from last year are in a book titled 22 Naked Bodies Inside.

  2. Marisa, congratulations. Am I missing the link to the contest site because I would love to help your numbers.

  3. I love your voice, Marisa, it shines in everything you write. Such lovely imagery throughout and the photograph well complements your story. Made me happy just to read it.

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