Justin Timberlake shares teaser for ‘Take Back The Night’

More Justin Timberlake with new teaser for ‘Take Back The Night’ as the 20/20 Experience continues! Check out my full article and the video on Examiner.

Justin Timberlake Take Back the Night Teaser

In his signature black and white, Timberlake holds cue cards with the release dates for “Suit & Tie,” “Mirrors,” and The 20/20 Experience, followed by “Take Back the Night” and a mysteriously blurred-out card we can only presume bears it’s upcoming release date. As he turns with a smirk, we get a 10 second snippet before the screen fades to black, ending with the following: “The 20/20 Experience Continues…”

 [As seen on EXAMINER]

3 responses to “Justin Timberlake shares teaser for ‘Take Back The Night’

  1. Suit and Tie is so silly, but so catchy. (This, from the girl who downloaded it as her ring tone on her new phone.)

    • It IS catchy! But I must admit, that’s one of my least favorites. ‘Mirrors’ on the other hand instantly stole my heart. Looking forward to see what else he has instore! And really just hoping he hosts SNL again in the near future! haha

      • Hmm. I may have to give the entire album a listen. I haven’t had a chance yet, but Suit and Tie is all over the place.

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