Daily Indie Dose: New Music Monday

Music Monday is not over yet! Check out two hot new indie-pop tracks that should immediately be added to every summer playlist. You can read my full article and take a listen here. Also subscribe via my Examiner profile for updates whenever new articles are published!

Ellie Goulding Burn

Carousel – Wolf’s Awake

Indie-pop outfit, Carousel, released a brand new single today off their upcoming EP, Palms. ‘Wolf’s Awake’ is warm summer breeze of ambient electro-pop, featuring more of those shimmering synths and soothing vocals that caught attention with their 2011 debut, The 25 Allston EP

 Ellie Goulding – Burn

The UK songstress turns out hit after hit so often, one must wonder when does she have time to record these indie-pop sensations? As always, Ellie’s heavenly vocals soar over immaculate dance production.

Not only is ‘Burn” a sizzling summer anthem, but a celebration of life captured by an equally empowering video. Radiant sun-rays illuminate the blonde beauty before exploding into a nighttime dance party.

[As seen on EXAMINER]


5 responses to “Daily Indie Dose: New Music Monday

    • This brings up an interesting point that I always go back to (and maybe will write about?). I agree, mainstream for sure. But truthfully, the way we interpret “indie” these days is no longer by it’s true definition. So much of what we qualify as indie music is not by independent artists at all. Which raises the question, what is indie anyway? I don’t disagree with you in the case of Ellie, but I still think she is also considered “indie-pop.” I am going to write an article about this and I’d love your input (and feedback) if you have additional thoughts on the matter. I don’t want to to ramble on longer so I’m going to save the rest of my opinion for the piece. Thanks for the comment!

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