Justin Timberlake Gets Seductive with ‘Tunnel Vision’ Video

Following in the footsteps of Robin Thicke, a “Blurred Lines” inspired Justin Timberlake releases his video for “Tunnel Vision” off comeback LP The 20/20 Experience. Read my full review of the risque video and check it out for yourself!

Justin Timberlake Tunnel Vision Blirt

The sexual video promotes a relaxed, dressed down Justin exhibiting his sublime dance skills as barely clothed women move in sync with his voice. Directors Jonathan Craven, Simon McLoughlin, and Jeff Nicholas shot the primarily slow motion clips in black, white, gray and sepia tones with splashes of drowned out color. The camera slowly traces the movement of three women’s bodies as they elevate from a misty, gray fog. Cutting back and forth from the women to Justin, it zooms on his facial features, sometimes projecting onto their bare skin as he coos the lyrics.

Complete with a silhouette appearance from Timbaland, the musical daydream is portrayed through movement, color and intimate expressions, capturing both sensitive and playful elements.

[As seen on BLIRT]


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