The Truth Behind My Writing

I was recently approached and invited to join Murmuration’s team of talented writers. I’m excited to share this piece for the online arts and creative writing magazine, not only because it’s my first contribution, but also because it’s the first I’ve written about my own writing. Definitely check out their blog and website, and if you’re a writer or artist, submissions are currently open for the upcoming issue. My piece is also available here- The Truth Behind My Writing. Thank you for reading!


Without the ability to sing, paint, draw, design or craft well, if at all, I accepted the fact that I was not blessed with the artistic gene. I spent most of my life thinking analytically, pursuing careers and goals within the realm of business and practicality. But that lifestyle and mindset left me unfulfilled. After the initial satisfaction of completing a goal wore off, I was left feeling empty.

I’ve always been able to write. After all, this is one of the first things we’re taught in school. Out of habit, I approached writing logically and systematically. I focused on structure and grammar, rather than emotion or imagination. With regards to art, my mind was stuck in one dimension, blind to the colorful paths that lead off course.

Yet there was always an elusively faint glow in the distance. A dim light that shined brighter as I methodically made my way down the a straight and narrow path, until it’s magnetic force grabbed hold and inescapably pulled me in.

It only took one afternoon to sit and let my head wander. I wrote down anything and everything as it tumbled from my mind. To my surprise, the black letters appearing across the blank white page began to make sense. As I came alive, so did my words.

I realized I had unlocked something that was subconsciously hidden away. It took me over 28 years to find the key to the creative outlet of my soul. Then all at once, the energy came rushing out in a continuous gush, unable to be confined to the quarters it was once held.

Embracing the creative art of words, I now find myself writing fiction, poetry, stories, and prose. I design places of fantasy, mystical creatures, twists, turns and surprise endings. I decorate with imagery and create emotional depth. Or at least I’m working on it. Inspiration is art and art is inspiration, and I’m learning to embrace this continuous cycle.

I still sometimes find myself retreating to the same comfortable mold, that practical place on the safer side of words, unsure if the picture is painted as exquisitely as I wanted it to be. This is when I challenge myself the most, remembering that true beauty in any art form is originality and passion. There are no rules. There are no constraints. We can’t be afraid to color outside the lines. To shock. To be bold, strange, or even little crazy. We must push ourselves to think in fresh ways so our readers are forced to do the same.

Not everyone is blessed with an obvious artistic gene. It may not be immediately recognizable or gifted in a neatly wrapped bow, but that love of art is somewhere inside of us waiting to be unleashed. We must not surpass that closed door for fear of struggle, failure, or the unknown, looming on the other side. For missing out on the beauty created by unique artistry is a far greater loss.

[As seen on Murmurations]


29 responses to “The Truth Behind My Writing

    • Thank you, and I hope you do! They are revamping the website, but I believe it will be completely updated for the next issue in the Fall. Good luck! And thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 Happy Friday!

  1. Great stuff Marisa. Congratulations. Like you I can’t draw a straight line so words are a much easier artistic option for me. And it is so much fun playing with words. I wish you every success.

  2. That’s exciting news to be published. Congratulations! I came across your blog from 20SB, and I’m glad I did, as you appear to be a very talented writer.

    • Thank you! The kind words mean so much. And a huge thanks for checking out my blog. I look forward to reading yours. Always happy to connect with other writers 🙂

  3. That’s great. Although, I will say writing is an art, so you’re definitely artistic in that way 🙂

    • It’s still hard for me to believe sometimes myself, but you’re absolutely right. Thanks so much for reading and for the kind words 🙂

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  5. This is a lovely post, Marisa! I particularly loved the closing lines, “…that love of art is somewhere inside of us waiting to be unleashed. We must not surpass that closed door for fear of struggle, failure, or the unknown, looming on the other side. For missing out on the beauty created by unique artistry is a far greater loss.”

    This is so true. Passion is part of the creative life, whether you are an artist, a writer, a dancer, etc. There must be a drive to keep going. I really loved your piece. It’s honest, and you’ve demonstrated your talent, as well.

  6. Congratulations!! I loved reading this 🙂

    For me it was the other way around. I blog in English, but my mother language is Dutch. I used the English has I was better to capture my thoughts and feelings with it and as I blogged more I learned more about grammar and structure and all that jazz!

    Art is everywhere and it can be everything. Words are definitely art. Keep on creating 🙂

  7. Beautifully written Marisa! I found the link to this piece on Google+ and I’m very glad I did!

    We were all created to be creative and unfortunately our society has painted a different picture of what creativity is. This has led to most people believing they are ‘not creative’ because they aren’t painters, designers, or writers. I’m glad to see you’ve unlocked that for yourself, and can’t wait to read more!

  8. Glad that you were published and glad that you had the knowledge that writing was your talent and gift. I hope that you continue to enjoy and pursue it throughout your life. I am happy creating pen and ink drawings with watercolors. I have enjoyed writing but not sure it is my ‘gift.’

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