The Oh Hello’s – Through the Deep, Dark Valley

Adorable folk/rock gems, The Oh Hello’s, produce a stellar album bursting with hand claps & jubilant harmonies. The following excerpt is from my review which can be read in full on Stereofox. Check it out and listen to a sample of my favorite tracks.

The Oh Hello's

The music making siblings, Maggie and Tyler Heath, have all the prerequisites of a great folk-rock album with their full-length debut, Through the Deep, Dark Valley.  Mix in the jubilant harmonies illustrating poetically heartfelt lyrics, and this album easily shot to the top of my favorites list….

Giving the duo even more of an edge in an already saturated genre is their chemistry. Maggie’s angelic voice draw every inch of you in, contrasting, yet complementing a deeper, more rustic tone from Tyler. The constant switch between male and female vocals transitions flawlessly, and the varying tempos keep it fresh and fluent throughout.

The pair has found a way to make beautiful music that instantly connects, while throwing in a layer of complex storytelling. Heavy concepts of struggles and questioning of faith are present, but their meaningful message is shared through gorgeous music that doesn’t dishearten, or weigh you down. There is no way to be depressed when listening to this colorful album.  Even mellower, down-tempo songs such as “Like the Dawn,” build to a delightful harmony.

To create music this rich, The Oh Hello’s invited eight special guests to contribute everything from group-choir harmonies to instrumental additions of accordion, cello, banjo and viola. The upbeat tempos of tracks like “Eat You Alive,”  “Second Child, Restless Child” and “The Truth is a Cave,” make me not only want to clap my hands and stomp my feet, but belt out the sing-along choruses as if I were in an old wooden farmhouse-style bar, pint in hand, swinging and spilling it on myself right along with the full 10 piece band!

“Wishing Well,” a down-tempo ballad, is one of my favorites. Maggie’s entrancing whisper entwines with the stripped down acoustic riff, before a clap beat propels the song into a collaboration of instruments and gospel-like harmonies.

[As seen on STEREOFOX]


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