Seryn – We Will All Be Changed

Experience the emotional intensity and grace of Seryn. You can listen (and download!) “We Will All Be Changed” on Stereofox. And if you like what you hear, definitely check out their upcoming tour schedule to try and catch a live performance. I promise you won’t regret it!

seryn stereofox

Suspenseful build-ups and changing tempos organically rise and fall, gracefully sending chills down my spine. Through intricate composition of layered textures and powerful harmonies, the band creates an emotional intensity that propels the six piece into an elite category of musicianship and artistry.

“We Will All Be Changed” originally drew me to their 2011 debut This is Where We Are. It’s an album I could easily play repeatedly from start to finish, and often have.

The Texas natives are currently in the early stages of working on a second full length, but haven’t yet hinted at when we can expect it. From what I’ve heard so far, this is only the beginning of their long musical journey. This is most definitely a band to watch out for.

[As Seen on Stereofox]


3 responses to “Seryn – We Will All Be Changed

    • Thank you Brianna! I’m so glad you enjoy the music I post 🙂 And if you like Seryn, definitely check out their live show if they play near you at all. Tickets are usually very cheap and it’s unbelievably worth it. I truly can’t praise them enough!

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