Friday Inspirations

Some inspirations to kick off a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend. Enjoy!!

bring it life

Design Your Own Life Model – Thought Catalog

This article is everything I believe about our current (and past) society and culture. Don’t conform. Do what’s best for you. Do what makes you happy. Be brave, be bold, be daring. Deviate.

“We are told the same old stories all the time and then repeat them to ourselves, to our lovers, to our families and friends until we actually believe them. We believe that getting divorced hurts our kids. We believe that the only way to be happy is to get married. We believe that owning a house is a good thing. And then, when none of these things work out, we consider ourselves failures….

What’s insane is we’ve never seen any of these things work out. Look around. Does it seem like most people who have gone right to college, had a career, got married and had kids are happy? Isn’t it achingly obvious that these models don’t work, that most people are miserable, medicated, and angst ridden?”

Seryn – We Will All Be Changed

Moving Music. Life-Changing Performances.

Moore Music

“This album came together because of a simple idea: music can help change the world.”

A group of diverse artists have come together to help raise money for the devastation in Moore, OK. The full download includes 23 songs, one of which is “Woodwork” by a personal favorite of mine, Sleeping at Last (see here). The download is FREE in hopes that in exchange for beautiful music, donations will be made to the 12,000+ families affected by the recent tornado destruction. Check it out, there are some great tunes and you can even list to the compilation in full before downloading!

Collection of 100 questions to inspire self-discovery + understanding


3 responses to “Friday Inspirations

  1. Those last two links are especially awesome. Thanks for sharing! Have a fabulous weekend.

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