I’m a bit behind on this one since it’s from a few weeks ago, but the picture was one I couldn’t pass up on. So better late than never I suppose.

mirror a void tore through her pale flesh to the gushing crimson beneath

she lay there motionless

a ghostly transparent reflection lost among heavily layered rubble and ivory sheets

twisted evil frames taunted

flashing in a continuous reel

each blow hurt less as her light dimmed

struggling to keep even the faintest glow

all familiarity disintegrated in a few brief moments

an inescapable nightmare she could neither hide from nor wash away

time dissolved

leaving only empty black and mocking light

a numbly blank stare mirrored in her empty chest

heart lost

soul broken

she felt nothing.


Click for the original Ermilia Picture it & Write challenge.


13 responses to “Nothing.

  1. I like the starkness of the piece. The brutality is confronting. Well done.
    Thanks for following my blog.

  2. Damn dats a sad poem….all my compassionate thoughts would go out to whomever “she” is or was…yes darkness found in nothing…is what it is so sad, good write to make on visualize though!…..Q

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