Eliza and the Bear – Brother’s Boat

Eliza and the Bear invites you to “let it goooo” with their liberating indie rock anthem! Big sounds, big ideas, this London five piece is going somewhere BIG. Take a listen over at Stereofox and see for yourself!

Eliza and the Bear Brother's Boat

Full of big sounds and youthful joy, Eliza and the Bear feels like freedom, and “Brother’s Boat” their anthem.

The electric guitar sings from the first note. I don’t even have to go any further because I already love this tune! Booming trumpets, wailing bass and bellowing chant harmonies build, culminating with a final symphonic clash of orchestral pop. 

Energetic, jubilant and constantly on the rise, the Essex five piece is one of London’s newest bands to look out for. 

[As seen on STEREOFOX]


4 responses to “Eliza and the Bear – Brother’s Boat

    • Thank you so much Shari. I’m so glad it translates to others. I can usually feel it right through me, so that’s great to hear 🙂

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