Top 5 Musical Discoveries From The Rock Boat

If someone was to ask me what my five favorite things are, this would be my answer:

  • Music (preferably live)
  • Tropical Beaches
  • Sunshine
  • Alcohol
  • Unlimited Ice Cream

What combines ALL of these things together? The Rock Boat- a floating music festival packed full of sun-drenched, slightly intoxicated music lovers and artists, kicking back and enjoying the beach, sunshine and music.

One of the best parts of this experience is discovering new artists among the 35+ on board.  Head to Stereofox for my full article and to listen to my top five favorites!

THIS is what it’s all about!

SOV Kids

Saints of Valory – Kids

One of the least known bands, Austin based indie rockers, Saints of Valory, stole the show, and the hearts of everyone on board. The bands’ oozing passion was infectious, as is “Kids.” It’s one of those songs that makes you feel infinite. I just want to play it on repeat, and often do. Take a listen and see if you agree!

Will Hoge

Will Hoge- Even if it Breaks Your Heart

Will Hoge’s gritty, rustic voice bellows his inspirational message. It’s a mixture of 1 part folk, 1 part country, 2 parts rock, and all parts heart and soul.


Stokeswood – If it Makes Sophia Dance

I’m cheating a bit with this since I never actually saw Stokeswood perform live on the ship. A mistake I terribly regret! But if it wasn’t for learning about the Atlanta based multi-genre rockers, I would have never, or at least not yet, heard this upbeat dance tune. I guarantee Sophia isn’t the only one this song makes dance. Enjoy!

Brendan JamesBrendan James – The Lucky Ones

Sweet, melodious vocals and poetic lyrics, pop pianist, Brendan James, radiates positive vibes that border on therapeutic.

Red Wanting BlueRed Wanting Blue – Wagon Wheel

Unfortunately there is no recorded Red Wanting Blue version of this Old Crow Medicine Show/Bob Dylan cover. So I figured it would be best to at least give you a little taste right from the source-  the exact live performance on the Rock Boat XIII with special guests Chris Henderson and Craig Struble from Bronze Radio Return. Funky folk beats complete with harmonica. 

[As seen on STEREOFOX]


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