Radiation City – Foreign Bodies

I have not stopped listening to “Foreign Bodies” since I first heard it the other day. Stumble on over to Stereofox and check out the electo-pop Motown-esque vibe (that’s right!) from Portland based group, Radiation City!

Radiation City Foreign Bodies Stereofox

Climb aboard the Radiation City time machine! This Portland quintet makes my heart flutter. Blending genres with their modern electronic, indie-pop sound and doo-wop funkiness, they produce a classic ’60s inspired feel with a fresh spin.

“Foreign Bodies” hooks you from the opening airy synths and reverb-laden vocals. The sweet, soulful groove begs you to snap your fingers and sway your hips. It’s the perfect fun and summery jam.

[As seen on STEREOFOX]



3 responses to “Radiation City – Foreign Bodies

  1. That picture looks like a scene from St. Vincent’s “Actor Out of Work” video. I though there was a real disconnect between the image and the content. Took me a second.
    Now I need to check these guys out.

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