Typhoon – CPR/Claws pt. 2

Miniature, indie-folk orchestra, Typhoon, have a new album coming out soon! But for now, start your Monday off with the beautifully powerful orchestration of “CPR/Claws pt2.” Click here for my full article and to give it a listen!

typhoon st

One of my absolute favorite things is hearing a new song (or band) for the first time and being excited to play it again before it’s even finished. I felt that way almost immediately upon first hearing “CPR/Claws pt. 2” by miniature, indie-folk orchestra, Typhoon. I was about a minute in before my ears perked up and that “wow” factor kicked in. Both the song, and Portland based band, have remained favorites since.

With millions of brilliant songs out there, that is quite a lot to live up to, but the 12 piece ensemble does it with ease. Kyle Morton’s rich, empowered vocals curiously draw attention with his enigmatic lyrics. Delivering lush, segmented orchestration, it unfolds new layers as you submerse yourself further into the melodic guitar progression, horn swells and hand-clapping rhythm (always an instant attention grabber for me). This is a song that truly gets better with each listen.

[As seen on STEREOFOX]


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