Music Monday – 90’s Love Songs


The 90’s is a decade near and dear to both Nate and myself. As a predominant time in our youth, it accounts for most of our school days, a time of discovery and beginning to define oneself.

For many of us, it encompassed a lot of firsts… First crush, first kiss, first dance and maybe even first love. Maybe for some of you, a first date, first anniversary, or even first child. And for others, some of these firsts might have also been your last! Whatever your particular story, the 90’s was a magnificent time for life-defining events, with a plethora of brilliant, iconic music  providing the soundtrack.

photo 3So this weeks Music Monday is devoted to none other than the 90’s. The cheerful, love-inspired playlist, as featured on The Loveumentary, includes 90’s love songs from all popular genres during the iconic musical decade. From Mariah Carey and Boy II Men, to Rod Stewart and John Secada, with a little Third Eye Blind mixed in. There’s truly something for everyone. Please join us in celebrating the nostalgic love songs of the 90’s!

This Music Monday playlist is available on spotify. We would love for everyone to listen, subscribe, and share with others. To receive future Music Monday playlists, or follow along with the The Loveumentary series, you can subscribe, or follow on twitter and facebook. Happy Monday and share the love ❤

**For next week’s playlist, we’d like to collect love songs from YOU! Send us your favorites, any genre, along with why you picked that particular song; whether it be a memory, story, or even just because you absolutely love it! Post the Artist and Song Title below and help us put together a playlist of the BEST love songs of all time!


14 responses to “Music Monday – 90’s Love Songs

  1. God Only Knows by the Beach Boys. It reminds me of all kinds of my childhood trips to the lake with my family. My sister liked it so much, she walked down the aisle to it. Just happy, simple love song! This week’s list is fantastic!

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      • pardon my ignorance. I didn’t see the scroll button. Like I said, I am getting old.
        I think the greatest break up song of all time is by ABBA. . .winner takes it all and for me the best love song ever was either MIchelle, Layla or Wonderful Tonight (Pardon me while I take a sip of geritol)

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