Music Monday- Old Fashioned Love

Old fashioned love songs. The kind that make you want to slow dance in a dark room, cheek to cheek. There is something simple, yet beautiful, about them. The way you can feel the passion poured into each note. Their sincerity. Their timelessness. It’s a gift to truly be treasured.

old fashioned

We live in the modern age, where love is fast like a turning page, in a magazine, we’ve hardly seen. The friends we used to know, they disappear, they come and go. Like the times we’ve had. It’s kind of sad.

Whatever happened to old fashioned love? The kind that would see you through. The kind of love my Momma and Daddy knew. Yeah, whatever happened to old fashioned love? The kind that would last through the years. Through the trials, through the smiles, through the tears- Daniel O’Donnell

This week’s collaboration, as featured on The Loveumentary, is a celebration of Old Fashioned Love. The playlist was not put together by myself, but by talented guest contributor, Michelle, who clearly has an ear for classic beauty. Featuring songs from iconic musicians like Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, and Louis Armstrong, it’s a lovely, mellow mix that oozes class, sophistication, and memories of “a simpler time.”

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13 responses to “Music Monday- Old Fashioned Love

  1. I’ve checked out a few of your posts. I especially like this one. Yes, what ever did happen to old fashioned love? Anyway, thanks for visiting and following my blog. There’ll be a new story up on Friday.

  2. some kinna songs to make one all teary eyed whether they are in love with another or not, sometimes like u say …gotta love urself first, then let the werld reach out and touch ya i suppose if ur available to be the best ya can be:) kewl one takes me back many a years to my fathers music…peace out & namaste’……Q

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