Live in the Now

Some words of advice….

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Quit that job you hate.

Stop putting every penny into savings.

Get out of that dead-end relationship.

Don’t wait to start living.

You can’t sacrifice now for later. Otherwise, it will never come.


Written for this weekend’s Trifecta Writing Challenge.

33 words of Advice

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39 responses to “Live in the Now

  1. I’m living it… totally living it. And trust me – it’s much easier said than done. But once you’re really in it – oh the joy of it! I also think one of the hardest part is how much your loved ones will start hating you once you live the dream life (when are you going to be responsible?) bleh. Who cares, your face no longer looks like it’s sucking on lemons!

    Enjoy… There are many beaches to be discovered, and mountains to dance upon!

    • Yes Marie! You hit the nail on the head. I only hope others are as courageous as you. Your comment made me smile. Thanks for reading. And keep on dancing 🙂

      • I doubt I will ever stop dancing. Ever! I’m just glad I chose somebody who enjoys watching me dance even if it is truly goofy 😉

  2. Sound advice. I could see this being expanded into something more, maybe along the lines of Baz Luhrman’s The Sunscreen Song.

  3. Ha, that first line hit the nail on the head as I get ready for work this morning. I would like to be able to say ‘hells yes i did’ someday very soon…

  4. Love it that you mention “money”- we tend to allow that very thing to take over and completely control our lives. P.S. I am following you on Twitter- yeah, yeah- newbie here- do you follow back?

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