Local Natives at Union Transfer

Indie rock band, Local Natives, packed Union Transfer to capacity on Thursday night. Check out my full article for JUMP Magazine here, as well as an excerpt below.

Local Natives at UT

Their exceptional chemistry was apparent throughout the entire performance. Each member fully embraced all of their roles, with Taylor Rice, Ryan Hahn and Ayer often switching between lead vocals and guitars, acoustics, percussions and keys. Matt Frazier built a solid foundation, feverishly banging out a drum performance that was second to none.

After a momentary break, the folk rockers retook the stage to delight the energetic crowd with an encore of probably the best three song performances of the night. “Sun Hands” officially ended the set, with Rice exerting every ounce of energy and passion into each note. The audience responded, excitedly jumping and singing along until the band unexpectedly stopped halfway through.

One girl right near the front of the stage was rocking out so hard she suddenly fainted. The band immediately came to her aid, handing her water. After ensuring she was ok and wanted to stay for the rest of the performance, Rice announced, “No one dies at the Local Natives show,” and the crowd erupted with laughter. Local Natives picked right back up with the same intensity and enthusiasm, and the show closed giving fans exactly what they came to see.

[As seen on JUMP]


9 responses to “Local Natives at Union Transfer

    • Yes! The lead singer completely stopped right in the middle of the song and once everything was ok, they picked it right back up again. It was great.

  1. Marisa nice write up – I don’t know of this band as sadly I now listen to the ‘oldies’ but for them to assist this girl, tells me that the ‘youth’ of today still have some heart and decency.

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