In a Blink


Whispered giggles, pointed toes.

He caught her eye as the curtain rose.

Bright lights, momentary fear….

But her smile did reappear.

He sighed, relieved. Gave a wink.

So big…. In just a blink.



Written for this weekend’s Trifecta Writing Challenge.

Exactly 33 words including an idiom within.

Click the link for full instructions and to contribute.


48 responses to “In a Blink

  1. They grow up so quickly? Ahh yes, two weeks ago my granddaughter was born…next year she starts high school ~sigh~
    That was sweet Marisa

  2. I’m not sure my heart could stand watching my little dance the ballet. Not that I have a little girl, not that I would ever know the feeling but still, I think my heart would burst!

    • haha 🙂 I also don’t have either, but did dance when I was younger so I guess the feelings came from what my mother would feel for me. Thanks for much for reading Marie!

  3. Interesting. Having been an audience member and witnessing my niece’s dance performances… she looks older than she should and younger when compared to the rest…

    Nice capture.

  4. Beautiful. As a young dancer, my dad filmed every performance. After visiting with my grandparents and seeing the latest generation of kids, it does all seem to happen in a blink. Well done in just 33 words!

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