Music Monday- Sexy Time

Happy Music Monday!

Start your week off right with our newest playlist, as featured on The Loveumentary


This week’s collaboration focuses on a vital part of intimate relationships- Sex.

Much like music, sex is intimate and personal. Sharing this passionate experience is special, and something to be celebrated.

This week’s sensually seductive playlist offers a mix of smooth R&B grooves, soulful rhythms, jazzy vibes, alluring synths, and dreamy shoegaze. Listen to it while unwinding in a bubble bath, relaxing after a long day, or sharing an intimate evening with your significant other. The collection of sexy songs features artists such as Alt-J, Toro y Moi, M83, Massive Attack, Sade, plus many more.

This Music Monday playlist is available on spotify* and we would love for everyone to listen, subscribe, and share with others. To receive future Music Monday playlists, or follow along with the The Loveumentary series, you can subscribe, or follow on twitter and facebook. Happy Monday and share the love. Literally ❤

*For anyone who does not use spotify, weekly playlists are also available on 8tracks, for your listening pleasure.


19 responses to “Music Monday- Sexy Time

  1. Thanks for sending this along. So far, I’ve only listened to ‘Silk’ but look forward to the rest. Have a great day and week!! May the sun follow you wherever you go.

    • Done and done. I was actually looking for a cover of this song by artist Mimi Page (who has a few other sultry jams already on the playlist) but couldn’t find it on spotify and forgot in the meantime. I’m so glad you mentioned it and reminded me!!! Adding it as we speak 🙂

      • 😉 What I am here for..
        Love my music. So when I see the word “Music” I am there.. lol


      • As I’m sure you can tell, we are the same there 🙂 Btw, it was the original version that’s not on spotify. So… I added Chris Isaak’s version to the 8tracks playlist and Mimi’s to the spotify one. Check her version out. In all honesty is doesn’t hold a candle to the original, but it’s a nice rendition. And her music is perfect for this sort of playlist. Any other suggestions, please send them my way!

      • I did! Music usually grabs my attention the same way it does for you 🙂 And this is somewhat cliche, but I really do like just about everything. I mostly listen to indie pop/rock on a regular basis, but it depends on my mood or the exact artist I guess. If you’re on spotify you should check out some of my playlists! There are a bunch published, and they’re sorted by genre/vibe

      • Yeah I am a mood music lad myself. Go check what I just blogged. And tell me the POWER of it didn’t blow you away. Not my words, the Power of the song..x

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