Alt-J at Theatre of Living Arts

Alt-J dazzled a sold out crowd at Theatre of the Living Arts last Thursday night. Check out my full article for JUMP Magazine here, as well as an excerpt below.


UK indie-rock quartet Alt-J was greeted by a single, center-staged light and sea of hand shaped delta signs, the bands signature. They didn’t waste any time, fittingly jumping right into “Intro,” the first song off their 2012 album An Awesome Wave. Guitarist/vocalist Joe Newman and keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton followed up with stunning a cappella “Interlude,” fading into a compelling, stripped-down version of the popular single “Tessellate” that sent the exuberant audience wild.

Standing side by side in a single row across the stage, they ran through their entire album. Both well-known hits like “Breezeblocks” and “Fitzpleasure,” as well as the lesser featured “Ms” and “Matilda,” received equal excitement from the passionate audience. They belted out the intricate lyrics right along with the band, often bringing a smile to both Newman and Unger-Hamiltons faces, illuminated by the elaborate onstage lighting.


[As seen on JUMP]


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