The Start of Something


running laughter

in the rain

her fun-loving nature

once child of rebellion

couldn’t remember anyone keeping up

not this way

into the creek

he didn’t question

his splash behind

she felt it

the start of something

TrifectaWritten for this weekend’s Trifecta Writing Challenge.

36-word response using:

Click the link for full instructions and to contribute.


53 responses to “The Start of Something

  1. The power of “young” love, and by “young” I mean new or fresh. Your piece makes me reminisce about the days of my first love, and the invigorating, scary, and exhilarating times we shared. Those days…

    Also, I love that picture! I remember loving when it rained while I was in the water (sans thunder and lightening).

    • Me too, one of my favorite pictures. The “young,” playful, carefree aspect of always draws me right in and was definitely the inspiration behind the poem, as I’m sure you can tell 😉 Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks for following my StudioThoughts and for the chance to visit your awesome blog. I especially like your writing. Your creativity is very inspiring.

  3. So lovely – as always. The start is something is a perfect sentence. Evokes many positive emotions in me.

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