Second Thought

I’m honored to have my photography featured on Ermilia’s blog for this week’s Picture It & Write! Check out their page for the original challenge and to participate.


Back and forth, her thoughts mirrored the motion of the swing as she gripped the worn ropes. The wedding was only two days away, and Sam was a jumbled mess of anxiety, excitement, fear and guilt. Confusion stirred in every breath. She sought solace in the one place that would always be patiently waiting with open arms.

Her parents still owned the old Victorian beach house. Memories of skipping through the meadow-like yard, picking dandelions, and drinking lemonade under the shady canopy filled her. She longed for those simplistic and seemingly endless summer days. Ones when she would stay outside late enough to catch the fireflies dancing through the tall grass.

She swung weakly. Sunlight filtered through the branches, reflecting a warm, heart-shaped glow upon her thigh. The scent of summer whisked through the air, offering a comforting familiarity to momentarily mask her apprehension.

She loved Craig. That part was simple. But was that enough?

Why was there a slight void where she should have felt whole? And how could the thought of being with another make her feel less complete than on her own? She tried to break down each thought and emotion into minimal terms.

When Craig had first proposed a year ago, she was beyond excited. They had been dating for two years before that, and spent some of the happiest times together.

However, somewhere in between all the planning and showers and photo-shoots, she had lost track of herself.  Wrapped up in the preparations, she hadn’t allowed herself a moment to breathe, never once stopping to embrace the emotions buried under layers of congratulations and excitement.

Now as they approached that finish line, everything came rushing out at once.

What happens once all the celebrating is over with? She wondered.

How could something so simple be so complex? 

She felt a twinge of guilt for even thinking about these questions. But it was her life, her decision to be happy.

Sam closed her eyes and let the radiant breeze soothe her. Enraptured in it’s loving tentrils, she smiled. For the first time in a while, happiness genuinely swept through her. She opened her eyes to the sunbeam now upon her face.

And all at once, she knew.


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30 responses to “Second Thought

  1. Wow, you are a talented lady Marisa! I’ll tell you this again and again.

    I adored this, it was a beautiful read – just as the photo!
    Congrats on the feature 🙂

      • Of course! You deserve it, I always look forward to checking out your blog and reading posts from you!

  2. LOL here am I ticking “Like” on your latest post and an email arrives telling me Marisa ticked “Like” on my latest post. What impeccable timing 🙂

  3. I love this..! I really enjoy pieces such as this; they leave the ending open to interpretation… Will she marry; will she not..?
    “Sunlight filtered through the branches, reflecting a warm, heart-shaped glow upon her thigh.”
    This line was so surprising; it brought me back to reality, though in a soft and gentle way…
    Your image is wonderful, Marisa; both physical and emotional… 😉

    • Thanks so much Carolyn 🙂 And I do too. A lot of my work is somewhat left to interpretation, as I want others to connect with the story and characters in their own way as well, not just through my view. Plus it’s always nice to have that option of going back and continuing the story.

  4. What great storytelling. The open ended finish was great. I like to think she got married and realised he was everything she needed. I too can imagine this happening to many people. Sure, getting married is meant to be exciting but it’s also scary. Doubts can creep up on you and that’s normal too. Loved this description, ‘The scent of summer whisked through the air, offering a comforting familiarity to momentarily mask her apprehension.’ Great work and thanks for contributing this week, Marisa! 🙂 Thanks again for letting us use your photograph.

    – Ermisenda

  5. It was beautiful. We are so proud of you. Yes I can imagine having all these thoughts just days away. If she chooses to marry I wish her all the love and luck we have had for 62 years. Grandma &Grandpop

  6. beautiful photo… i regret not having the time to join and write a story about it. you told a wonderful tale that really did the photo justice.. i loved the open ending. lovely

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