Cloud Cult – Love

Environmentally conscious indie rockers Craig Minowa and company, better known as Cloud Cult, released their newest album, Love, on March 5th. Check out my full review for SYFFAL here, as well as an excerpt below.

**Disclaimer- Vulgar language or imagery may be present**


During my recent trip down nostalgia lane, in between fighting to see the stage and keeping my balance from the to-and-fro of the mosh pit, I realized my musical tastykakes have shifted in a I’m not that old but still unbelievably wise way. Although they are brilliant instruments, a guitar, bass and drums just don’t complete me anymore.

I’m drawn to rich, dense layers. I want a powerful build and swirling orchestration. I need to feel the depths of philosophical lyrics.

When I first heard Cloud Cult’s latest album, Love, it was as if Craig Minowa himself had crawled inside my head and was listening to my thoughts during that exact realization. He took just about every element of music I love, and infused it all together into their newest musical masterpiece, specifically for me.

Love is like straight up sinking your teeth into a delish, gooey, five layer dip. The layers and flavors blend to create a tasty explosion with every bite. This plethora of yummy musical goodness takes you on an adventure. From melodic piano ballads and haunting violins, to folky acoustics, atmospheric interludes and spoken samples. The varying styles keep you suckling at Love’s ever changing sweetness. And although the shifts are somewhat random and edgy, the album magically flows.

[As seen on SYFFAL]


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    • Thanks so much Scott! I always get nervous about posting articles and reviews from SYFFAL on here, as our website has a somewhat niche audience (hence the disclaimer haha). But I’m glad so many are reading and enjoying my reviews, and hopefully finding some new music to love in the process!

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