The Loveumentary- Music Monday

loveLadies and gentlemen, friends and fellow bloggers. It is with GREAT pleasure that I introduce to you, The Loveumentary, a passion project of a great friend of mine, Nate Bagley. Nate has been working on this project for a few months now, but has been brainstorming and dreaming about it for much longer. Last year, the timing was finally right for him to spring it into action, and the love series has been growing ever since.

To give a little incite as to what The Loveumentary is all about, please see the except below from the creator himself, as I could never capture the true essence and passion the way he does….

The Loveumentary. Proving true love exists one story at a time…

Does true love really exist? If so, can it last? And how can we all experience it, rather than just a few lucky people?

I created The Loveumentary not to be some sort of shameless dating blog or a relationship column written by a self-apppointed expert or know-it-all. I fully admit to my inexperience. I’m merely a dude with lots of questions… questions that I think many of us have, and I am willing to do the leg work so we can all have the answers.

I have decided to focus on the couples who are doing it right. I’m tracking down these soul-mates and asking them what is their secret? How do they keep the love alive? How can the rest of us create re relationships in our lives like those they get to experience every day?

My hope is that I will find some trends, some great ideas, and some incredible stories that will inspire us all to be a little kinder, more loving, and more invested in the things that count in this life.

Recently, Nate asked if I would also contribute to his project. Needless to say, I was thrilled to help out in any way possible, but even more excited after he mentioned the musical element we would be incorporating into the series. Nate knows that for me, music is as essential as breathing. I’m honored that he thought of me for this component of his love-seeking journey and is trusting in my somewhat obsessive, musical expertise 🙂

So today, we are celebrating the kick-off of “Music Monday,” a regular series of posts featuring love-themed playlists. Each weekly release will have an overall musical tone and be themed around different aspects of love, relationships, desires, and even heartbreaks. The first installment, which you can check out here, is a mix of happy, upbeat, somewhat romantic love songs. The playlists are available on spotify* and we encourage everyone to listen, subscribe, share, and even use them as inspiration for a mixed tape of your own! 

To receive future Music Monday playlists, or follow along with the series, be sure to subscribe, or follow on twitter and facebook. There is tons of excitement in store for The Loveumentary. Nate is also working on putting together a cross-country road trip this summer, in which he will interview couples and document love stories from all over the nation! His journey, and discoveries, will be shared all along the way, and he is currently working on potential publication, as well as filming the series. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to stay tuned and the share the love ❤

*For anyone who does not use spotify, weekly playlists are also available on 8tracks, for your listening pleasure.


4 responses to “The Loveumentary- Music Monday

    • haha I think just about all of us do 😉 It’s a really cool project, and still only in it’s infancy stages. Definitely check it out! Hope you enjoy the playlists, as well!

    • haha! Thanks Kate, glad to hear it! It’s a fun project and I’m excited for the future direction it’s going. Btw, the pun was perfect 😉

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