This Picture It & Write entry goes all the way back to last December, but since I’m going to miss this Sunday’s prompt, and had so much fun with last weeks, I couldn’t resist (or wait) to participate in another. When I scrolled through the archives of the exercise, this picture jumped right out at me. I immediately saw my story burst to life and knew I had to write it down. So here it is…..


“Wow, this one’s heavy” she grumbled, placing the box on the flimsy wood beam. “Cleaning out the attic, what a glamorous way to spend a Sunday morning,” her cranky expression mocked.

The raindrops splashed against the window. The wind howled through the creases. The dreary, gray sky mirrored her disposition.


The startling crack of thunder echoed through the old house, rattling its bones, and uncontrollably sending a mess of blond hair and contorted legs to the attic floor.

She soothed her now throbbing head and scraped knee, as the swinging light bulb flickered a few times before going black. Only a hazy ray of light peeked through the window and across the room, illuminating the dusty path.

“Figures,” she griped.

That’s when she saw it. A tall, curvy bottle at the end of the dim stream slowly came into focus, as her eyes, and pounding head, adjusted. She inquisitively crawled to it, popped open the top, and turned it over.

The tiny, sand-like crystals slipped through her fingertips, reflecting shimmers of color off her face. Wide-eyed, mouth agape, she watched the pixie dust dance through the air and swirl around her. The colorful gems radiated a bright light as they circled, forcing her eyes shut.

When the glow dimmed, she opened them to unimaginable enchantment.

It was truly a dream world, somewhere in between being asleep and awake. The forest echoed with song, the sun beamed, the air tickled her skin. She took a cautious step upon the supple earth. It was like nothing she had ever experienced, yet there was a recognizable element in everything, from the feel of the ground beneath her to the sound of the waterfall in the distance.

She hesitantly spun around, taking a second account of her surroundings before springing forward toward the gleaming fall. She climbed over rocks soft as cardboard that lined the path, before reaching the cool, crisp water and plunging her hands into the cascade.

A familiar crack boomed in the distance, although she couldn’t place it’s sound. It wasn’t startling, but rather pleasant, as if nature was speaking to her. She pranced along a short path to the clearing, and peered down the stair-like slope. A sun-drenched valley leading to a colorful lagoon sparkled below.

She smiled, twirling around, breathing in the wondrous life surrounding her. It was beautiful, but she couldn’t shake the feel of its familiarity. Familiar, yet sweeter.  Was it a place she had once dreamed of?

Perhaps the daydream she often longed for. An escape from her ordinary life. But it was never like this. This vibrant world was special. Sacred. And she was special for being a part of it. Why had it been hiding all this time? Or was it somewhat here all along? She couldn’t be sure. But she had found it now, and was never letting go.


Click  for the original Picture it & Write challenge, hosted by Ermilia’s blog.


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