Silver Linings Playbook

The following excerpt is from my review of the quirky, dark-humored ROM-COM, Silver Linings Playbook, featured on BLIRT. Check out the full review here.


The multi-Oscar nominee, Silver Linings Playbook, lives up to the hype. Revolving around mental illness, depression, adultery, loss, social exile and self discovery, this genre-defying Romantic Comedy follows the characters on a journey as they pull themselves up from rock bottom.

Border-lining on drama, the film is gut-wrenchingly raw and honest. The superior character portrayal by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence is so convincing, they make even the viewer uncomfortable. The obvious chemistry between the two is a catalyst to the films success, along with the outstanding ability of writer-director David O. Russell, to capture emotions with both his subtle and sometimes jagged camera movement.

The movie opens with Pat (Bradley Cooper) leaving a mental institution. After nearly beating a colleague to death upon walking in on him in the shower with his wife, Pat plea-bargains his way into the institution where he is diagnosed with BiPoloar disorder and confined for eight months. While trying to reestablish his former life and prove his recovery to his estranged wife, Pat meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a depressed widow nearly as crazy as he is and trying to cope with her own issues. The eccentric pair form an unconventional bond as they lean on each other, unknowingly beginning to bypass their heartaches…

[As seen on BLIRT]


13 responses to “Silver Linings Playbook

  1. I saw Jennifer Lawrence on Piers Morgan’s show the other night, with David Russell, and they barely talked about the film. I want to see it, but I think I’ll wait for the DVD. (All that aside, your review is great).

    • Thanks Brianna! Glad you liked it. And definitely recommend seeing it once it’s available on DVD. It’s a comfy couch kind of movie in my opinion too 🙂

  2. Cooper, Lawrence, and especially most of all, De Niro, knock their roles out of the park as well as everybody else and it’s just great to see a big cast come together on material, that’s heartfelt and touches on so much, but in such a genuine and honest way. Nice review Marisa.

    • Thanks Dan! That certainly means a lot coming from someone with a little more experience and expertise on the subject 🙂 Enjoyed reading some of your reviews and looking forward to more in the future!

  3. There were a few clichés, but I loved every minute of this movie in spite of them and this is a pretty good review. I don’t want to drop spoilers, but I had a better ending worked out in my head.

    So in the end where he chases her down the street, the letter to Tiffany was great, but it shouldn’t have said all the romantic stuff about loving her from the beginning, because it just wasn’t true. He was too confused and obsessed and whatever. So then when he tells her he wrote it a week ago, she should get all mad and probably beat the crap out of him, because the whole grit of the movie was how he walked all over her in his obsession with Nikki, and then they can have an awkward moment full of that chemistry, where she beats some sense into him and he realizes at the last minute, that the whole reason he went along with the lie because of how important it was to do something for her… and then they can end up kissing. The happily ever after probably needs a few pots and pans.

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