The Warmth


Not to be that online persona who talks about the ever exciting topic of weather. But, after the recent subzero temperatures that invaded the Northeast, scratch that, basically infiltrated the entire country, it’s beyond a welcoming change.

The warmth of the rays as they crept through my blinds, shone across my face as I slept. They were a better wakeup call than if the aroma of coffee being brewed was strategically placed right under my nostrils. I danced out of bed, yanked open the drawstring, and smiled, as heat from the sun mixed with coolness drifting off the glass, permeating my skin.

The sun alone is an instant motivator. But when coupled with a warmth in the air, it’s a powerful thing. I immediately checked my thermometer outside. 57 degrees. If it was currently October, I would have cried. But it’s not. It’s January, on the verge of February, and in New Jersey, any temperature that starts with a 5 and is followed by a second number, is a blessing.

I cracked open my back door to let the warm breeze float in, while still leaving it closed enough to block the cold drifts out. And as I sipped my coffee (because let’s be honest even if it was 90 degrees I’d still have brewed a cup), I sat down upon my makeshift desk comprised of fluffy pillows, blankets and my laptop propped up from the floor. I started to write, this very passage, among others. Every so often glancing out the huge glass windows looming above me to take in the day. To breathe in the life as it swirled around me. And to appreciate that this is just another day I get to write.


4 responses to “The Warmth

  1. I agree, Marisa. A sole sunbeam is the great caffeinated equalizer of writers, dreamers and songbirds, not necessarily in that order. 😉 Eric

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