clock3Time is a funny thing. After having this recent burst of it on my hands, you would think that it would allow for me to get so much more done. To get caught up on all the things it seems like most of us are constantly running behind on.

But time, being the tricky thing that it is, is actually doing its best to work against me. And succeeding!

Rather than chronologically checking off my list, I just keep adding to it. It’s easy to do when you’re just piling on more and more of what you love. The ideas are flowing like a river that has picked up it’s current and is now looking for the waterfall. An outlet to spout out everything that’s been jumbled up in my head. And the ever-present list just keeps being thrown on the back burner as more develops.

It’s exciting. It’s terrifying. It’s liberating. All at the same time. To consciously make that decision to pursue, or better yet, create, whatever it is you want. On top of writing, I’m now also developing/contributing to two other projects as of this morning. And that was only as of six hours ago! With this domino effect of thinking and creating, who knows what could be on my plate by tomorrow!

Now I’m not one to get all excited about something, start it and never finish. And I’m not one to unrealistically bite off more than I can chew either (although I’m coming quite close to that line). As these, for lack of a better word, projects, unfold, I’ll be sharing more info. As of right now, they are still in the infancy stages, and will take the help of my good ‘ole friend time to develop further.

But I’m eager to be working towards something, multiple somethings, I support and believe in. Because for that, I have all the time in the world.


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